If the L WORD (hot fantasy lesbians), Sex and the City (engaging in girl talk), and Seinfeld (about nothing) were dumped into a martini shaker, what would emerge is the Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist series. The series both informs and entertains the reader as the heroine becomes your own personal virtual sex therapist.

As we peer into Thalia’s life in this first book of the series, we are introduced to her chosen family and the community in which both her practice and her life thrives.

Thalia’s life is perfect. She has her dream house on the edge of Lake Cumberland in Nancy, Kentucky. She has a thriving sex therapy practice. Her sister has just moved nearby and is running the daily business of her practice.

She has a tight group of friends who keep her entertained and honest and a seemingly endless supply of ladies to meet her more basic human needs. Thalia has no regrets she’s without a life partner.

Or does she?

A rough break-up five years ago left Thalia’s heart in pieces. Thanks to friends and family her heart healed and she was able to find peace and happiness again. But not without scars that have left her unwilling to be vulnerable and exposed again.

When Amara walks into Thalia’s practice seeking help for her friend, something ancient and terrifying stirs inside her.

Will Thalia be able to keep their interaction professional or will the allure of “one who will be forever beautiful,” as her name suggests, be too much for Thalia and her fragile heart to resist?
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Refreshing and Unique”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Suzie Carr

What I loved most about this book was the entertaining, quirky personality of Thalia. She has a funny side that makes you giggle, and then when it really matters, she reveals her thoughtful, serious side. I especially loved her interaction with her clients. I feel there’s a lot of depth to those points in the book, and that was where her winning traits bloomed for me. I can see great potential for even further depth as we continue to get to know Thalia in her continuing series. Baker is a new voice, one that is refreshing and unique. She’s got a great knack for writing engaging dialogue, and is quite talented with creating a sense of realness in her settings. Really looking forward to reading more of her work and getting to know Thalia even better!

About the Author

Darla Baker is the author of the Amazon best-selling novel Eagle Cove (Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist Series, Book One). Book Two in the series, Seventy Six Falls will be released Spring 2017. She is the founder of Stone Soup Community Press, an independent press focusing on lesbian fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Darla lives with her wife of twenty years on the shores of beautiful Lake Cumberland, Kentucky during lake season and in Dayton, Ohio the rest of the year. Her adorable pit bulls, Raven and Delilah, are always by her side.

Along with KA Moll, author of Soul Mates and several other lesbian fiction titles, she co-hosts a weekly podcast on The Lesbian Talk Show network, The Therapy Café. Thalia Chase and Zane Winslow answer your questions about lesbian dating and relationships. We’d be happy to answer your question on a future episode.

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