“Very creative Plot!” – Astronaut Richard ‘Mike’ Mullane (Space Shuttle Missions STS-41-D, STS-27, STS-36)

“Like a very good Single Malt!” – AndromedaAlpha (Amazon Customer Germany)

When Commander Steemson and his crew are forced to make an emergency landing on the Moon, veteran astronaut, Jim Borman, is called out of retirement for this last mission — to fly the only rocket on Earth capable of immediate launch.

Obsessed billionaire, Bill Leeb, has built a Saturn V replica and is willing to put it at NASA’s disposal for the rescue. But on one condition — a condition that places Jim Borman in a moral dilemma and will force a terrible choice on the spaceship’s crew. As preparations go ahead for the rescue, the stranded astronauts make earth-shattering discoveries on the Moon.
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About the Author

Gabriel Namara, born 1976, is a Sci Fi and Horror writer.

His latest book EARTHRISE – Stranded On The Moon reached No 10 in the german SciFi overall charts.

He spent his early childhood in a trailer park near L.A. before finally moving to Hamburg, Germany.

He likes to write his books on an iPad and is in permanent need of coffee.

You can find me on Twitter: @Electronaut93
Or write an eMail to management.gabriel.namara@gmail.com

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