Are you tired? Moody? Can’t loose belly fat? Are you stressed?

Do you want to feel great at any age?

My own journey for overall health led me to read countless books and studiesby doctors, nutritionists, and health experts. This book combines all of those principles to show you how to live well regardless of your age.

What will you find in this book:

1. How to test your food sensitivities

2. What and when to eat

3. How to eat properly 

4. Why and how to meditate

5. How to DETOX

Once you learn what to eat, to feel lean and energetic, you will also get ideas on:

6. What to eat in restaurants

7. Eating plan while traveling

8. Grocery shopping plan

Find your strenght and apply strategies that suit you.

Help yourself heal and gain the energy you lack.

Learn to test your food sensitivities, eat properly, and teach your body not to crave more than it needs.

Heal your soul to stop feeding emotions with food and move according to your own abilities. DETOX your body to get those hormones working for you instead of against you. 

If you want to feel great again, those simple steps will help you become younger and more energized, leading to a tremendous increase in overall happiness. You deserve it!

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Excellent description of how to eat healthy”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Lisa C

Excellent description of how to eat healthy. Tina provides a powerful story about how she changed her life by adopting a Paleo diet. This insight is helpful for those of us that want to achieve a healthier life and she provides the motivation to do so. Her recipes sound delicious and I look forward to trying them. Overall a very good plan about how to eat and feel better, with personal insight.

About the Author

Tina Trtnik, also known by the blogger name Paleo Sweetie, is a mother, entrepreneur, designer, CrossFitter and paleo blogger. At age forty-one, she is full of energy and productive as she never was before. But it wasn’t always like this. Until two years ago, she was too skinny, had constant migraines, and her thyroid wasn’t working properly, which caused many problems. After years of researching and exploring her health, she found these simple steps that actually worked and helped her restore the energy she had in her twenties. Since then, her mission has become helping others feel the same way she does now because she is convinced everybody has the right to a great life. She hopes to help others find their full inner potential to enjoy life and every moment of it.

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