Echoes of Dragons 

by – C Borden (Author)

What fate deals such harsh blows, unimaginable loss, and shocking revelations?

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Book Description:

When suns collide…
When paths converge…
A decade after the suns of Mythnium eclipse each other,
strangers on different paths converge as though by fate.
But what fate drives the danger from the southern continent?
What fate deals such harsh blows, unimaginable loss, and shocking revelations?
Are the newfound friendships, unlikely bonds, and unexpected partnerships able to survive what is to come?

Reviews for the Book

I confess, my first impression was that this book was just another derivative of the successful Ice & Fire novels. We have several thematic and stylistic similarities, such as a world re-introduced to dragons and a vast cast of main characters.
But the more I read, the more originality I discovered within the pages, and I truly feel that this story has great promise to become an epic saga. Echoes Of Dragons is one of those books that shows clear promise of a thrilling, colorful epic conflict in these pages that I’m confident that the author will be able to prove in future novels.
Above all, the characters are relatable and the narration is easy to follow, so Echoes Of Dragons is an enjoyable book and one that I have no reluctance to recommend to fellow fantasy readers. - 2andFro

About the Author: C Borden

C. Borden is an avid reader and most enjoys the richness of fantasy and science fiction, which inspired her to write stories of her own.

Drawing inspiration from the people and places that have touched her life, her works include lifelike characters, places readers wish they could visit, and storylines that fully engage her readers. Though her first published works are fantasy short stories and a fantasy novel, she is also a Christian and fiction author. Some of her work in other genres is available on Kindle Vella.

C. Borden is a wife, mother, and USAF Veteran. She enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. When she’s not writing, she’s most likely enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, helping another author get their ideas on paper, or curled up with a good book from one of her favorite authors.

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