Poetry is life, is consciousness, it’s a direction and a vision. Poetry is the expression of human nature and experience through letters in the stanza.
In this book, you will observe ways and manners in which my piece of writings addresses certain issues both in my personal life and in my society which can be called poetic expression.
This book will open you to the divergence of creative expression through these contemporary eclectic collections of mine.

Poetry deals with human activities and expertise as it’s being expressed in writing forms. It’s the beauty of thought, passion and creative power of the mind that is being expressed in a poetic formula.

This piece of work is an expressive word of my thinking pattern, creative guts, and perceptions, aided by poetic motive. You are invited to reason and view from the different angles I do see things. We all look at the same things but see differently, especially things about life.
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A person of high resonance of passion for creative prowess, I just love my Father’s business.

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