Ed – For Love And Hope

Unique story that will make it hard to put the book down.
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Book Description:

For decades, Ed Meehan was the most popular singer/songwriter on the planet. Every woman thought his songs were written for them alone. But it wasn’t just women who were drawn to his music. His words reached everyone in one way or another. There was something special about him that people picked up on and no one knew what it was. With one exception: Chase Martin, of the Band 4. More like a brother than a friend, Chase alone knew that when Ed was just a young man, he had fallen in love with an older woman, who survived a terminal illness just long enough for them to find each other, fall in love, and be married.

Chase Martin and his bandmates, as well as their wives and children, had adopted Ed as one of their own. With them, he knew the joys and comforts of family, but his heart would always belong to his late wife. With her on the other side―waiting for him―Ed and Chase were the only ones who knew about the pact the couple had made, to meet again in their next lives.

His adopted family knew love. They were practically the embodiment of it, having a very special connection to one another that Ed laughingly referred to as “spooky”. It was only after decades had passed that their family would be asked to put that connection to good use, reuniting their beloved friend with his long lost love―the woman for whom all his songs were truly written.

But was such a thing even possible?…
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This book is excellent!!! I identified with and fell in love with the characters on so many levels!! Can’t wait to read #3!!

-- denise allegrucci

Marguerite Nardone Gruen (Author)

Marguerite Nardone Gruen grew up in North Eastern Pa where she still resides with her husband of 36 years. Her first Novel ‘The Band 4 – The Air We Breathe’ came about from a dream she had that she couldn’t stop thinking about. Weeks later she felt she had to sit down and write it out because it was so powerful – still on her mind. 300 pages later she had her first novel having had no aspirations to ever become a writer. She felt that dream was telling her something and felt that strongly about it. After many requests to keep the story going – it will now be a trilogy. The second book ‘Ed – For Love And Hope’ will be going to the publisher sometime Feb 2017.

Unique story that will make it hard to put the book down.

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