Eden’s Apple by Pamela Blake

Pre-war Bradford, 1937.
Fragile and disgraced Rose stands pregnant with the child of her own forceful father.
Rose’s daughter Lucy, born into a world of deception, develops into a voluptuous young girl without moral standards, but grounded by life’s events blossoms into a rare flower.
The consequences of wrongdoings ultimately fall on innocent victims.
This is the story of children born into a web of depravity, of love, understanding and self-sacrifice.
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“Brilliantly written by Pamela Blake”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Vanessa Hoffmann

I purchased this book on amazon.com, but I wanted to leave my review here as well. Shockingly real, this book will get under your skin. Brilliantly written by Pamela Blake, Eden’s Apple is a must read for everyone who enjoys a deep story. I’d like to give you a fair warning that this is not for the faint-hearted. I loved seeing things from the character’s perspectives and wondering what I would do in their situation. Rape and abuse are topics that will (unfortunately) always be timeless issues. While reading I felt like I was watching the characters interact, which shows how well the author captivates the reader. The novel isn’t only sad though, it’s full of hope and beautiful virtues. Let’s face the fact that this is one of the best books of all time – it won’t let you go, even when you finish reading.

About the Author

Pamela Blake was inspired to write Eden’s Apple by events that unfolded while living in Italy as a young girl. Spellbound, she used to listen to the tales of an uncle in the priesthood. She realized then just how much heartbreak individuals can endure when trapped within a kaleidoscope of feelings and actions that leave them exposed to their own moral judgments and judgments by others. The author’s voice of authenticity resounds on subjects which were once taboos. Her tone is often lyrical yet not sentimental, reflecting upon life’s realities as if through notes of a romantic sonata. The writer takes you by the hand and doesn’t let you go until the end. After a traumatic life and having raised four children, Pamela Blake completed her education as a mature student in her fifties. She then undertook the diploma in creative writing followed by the BA in literary studies. In 2004 her autobiography was published, and subsequently, a short play, ‘The Light’, a novella, and the poetry book ‘Intertwined Poetry’. Throughout the years, she has won poetry competitions in Italy, Germany, and the USA. She is currently writing a biographical novel.

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