EFFECT by Robert S. Azar

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Millions of people watch what they eat, exercise ferociously, and yet they still get sick—obediently trusting corporations to bring them their nutrients.A powerful cult called The Order infiltrates the government and uses their influence to plot against civilization by modifying seeds, pesticides, and insects causing chaos to rein throughout the land. These actions have unintended consequences and the world soon discovers that playing with the natural order of the ecosystem has a disastrous effect. A solution to the catastrophe is proposed several times, but just when it looks like the crisis has subsided, the insects evolve through artificial intelligence and turn on their masters.Raymond Brown is on a mission for answers after his son, Allen, who works for one of the corporations run by a cult leader, dies trying to expose the truth.
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“Great read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By diana

Finished the book in like 2 days ! I’m not a big reader, but I couldn’t put the book down ! Loved it !

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