El Sendero by Mark Reefe

Mark Reefe’s fiery follow-up to The Road to Jericho, El Sendero takes you right back where you left off. El Sendero: The Hell Walker Series: Book II The storm rolled across the desert monte with a fury born of perdition. All that was left in its wake were hallowed husks of the brick and concrete buildings that comprised the once thriving Mexican village. Miguel Rivera knows he can’t solve the mystery of the missing townsfolk without help from the one with the green and gold eyes. The federale enlists the aide of Finn McCallan, a man who possesses the ability to see beyond the waking world and glimpse into the spirit realm. Together Finn and Miguel follow a trail of breadcrumbs leading them into the border town of El Sendero. There Finn discovers a place overridden with people whose souls have been twisted and corrupted by La Prophetisa, a self-proclaimed prophet and healer. The pair work relentlessly to uncover the nature of La Prophetisa’s powers and soon discover the terrible truth behind their origin.
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“Step aside and let the man go through.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By James Crawford

Few authors pull off a sequel that is as good as, or better than, the first book in a series. Mark Reefe did it with El Sendero. The prose flows better and the scene transitions are more fluid. You’ll find that the Reefe sets up book three well, but it does not detract from this one in the least. It’s logical and inexorable, and I found it perfectly proper.

The second book in the Hell Walker trilogy is tight: tense when it needs to be, and warm in the right places. Finn, the main character, evolves and sinks into his hero role with little complaint. He gets who he’s become, whether or not he actually likes it. He endures horrors, and sacrifices, like the characters in the world around him. I can’t help but feel for all of them, but they’re strong and very well drawn. Some of them will make it, and others won’t.

By the end of the book, the thing that Finn is walking into, and the size of the battle he’ll be fighting, becomes abundantly clear. It’s inexorable-like I said before-unsettling, a little prophetic, and way too timely.

Personally, I feel that the he mark of a good story is whether you want the next book in the series RIGHT NOW or not. I want book 3 NOW, and give El Sendero 5 stars without reservation.

I received this book pre-publication for a review, but I’ll be buying it anyway. You should do the same.

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