Eleven Crucial Steps For Indie Writers by Sonia A Nwajei

** Indie Writers**; Do not hit that publish button, until you read this Manual.

. Are you writing a book, or  about to publish one ?

. Are you a self-published author, whose book is experiencing low or no sales at all ?

. Are you seeking some answer to the question ” how to self-publish a book” ?

? Then look no further than this ultimate publishing guide. Here is why;

Writing a book is only one aspect of the proccess, actual success depends heavly on what you do before and after you publish the book, that’s the reason many writers are struggling, due to lack of authentic information and practicle guidiance.

Eleven Crucial Steps For Indie Writers is** a short and direct manual** packed full with proven tips and recommendations on some crucial things you need to do, how to do them and mistakes you should avoid. (a first hand lesson by a fellow indie author)

Do not miss this powerful self-publishing book, it has everything you need to get your publishing journey off to a great start.Get it Now.*** ***

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About the Author

Beautiful and Intelligent Sonia is a passionate writer with a bubbly personality and humorous outlook on life.  Her initial dream career was fashion designing, which she fulfilled in early 2017 when she started her online fashion label Sonia Nwajei ( formally H.A.N.S Collection ). Shortly after her clothing launch, Sonia discovered a new passion for writing, as a way of communicating and inspiring others. She now has three 3 non-fiction titles to her credit;

  1. 26 Ways To Inspire Yourself   A Self-help book that focuses on self-improvements, career objective and positive living.
  2. Misconceptions About Marriage – A Self-help book that  aims to  help couples rebuild their relationship and strengthen their marriage.  ​
  3.  Eleven Crucial Steps For Indie Writer – The book is focused on helping indie writers with the most relevant and practical information that’ll enable them self-publish their book with success. ​

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