Racine (Racy) Palmer’s life was just about as perfect a life as any diva could ever wish for, that is, until she became the obsession of a vampire named Jude. Jude was born of the bloodline of Judas Iscariot and part of a vampire clan known as the Kindred.

Racine’s best friend, Cynthia, was also coveted by Jude. In his quest to create a vampire nation, Jude has plans to turn these two into she-vamps for his own personal pleasures, and will stop at nothing to acquire them.

Stephen, Jude’s half-brother also belongs to a vampire family know as Iscariots who are the mortal enemies of Kindred. The Iscariots have vowed to help protect mortals while they feed on the blood of the Kindred. Stephen came over from the old country to find his brother and slay him, but in the process becomes romantically involved with Racy, in an impossible relationship.

Jude’s brutal pursuit for power to rule the living dead brings many to a tragic end.

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