Embrace Life’s Randomness

by – Brent M. Jones (Author)

Breathe in the Amazing 

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Book Description:

Our journeys through life follow unexpected paths. Sometimes, looking back offers clarity and understanding, while other times, you find yourself at an unforeseen junction, and it takes your breath away. When the unexpected happens, it can wonderful, challenging or both, yet the way you approach such events is key to your spiritual happiness and growth.Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If”, could apply to many parents who are seeing their child set out to experience life. So much will happen. So much work was done to prepare for the journey. Special training on expected events and challenges were a part of the child’s life growing up. The journey was looked on as an amazing adventure but a trip that could be full of the unexpected. It all came down to the word “if”. What if things happened that were not expected?Fathers often advise a child to be good if you want to go to heaven. There is a chapter in this book titled, “Is the Soul Eternal?” The life’s journey is for the long trip ahead. Why not consider the next life. Questions about what values are important for the journey are considered. Like George Bailey in the Christmas film, It’s a Wonderful Life, sometimes the journey is amazing at the finish, routine and ordinary along the way, awful at times, and full of both goodness and challengesEmbrace Life’s Randomness considers whether the unexpected is truly random and compares the traditional stoic determinist view of life with a view more accepting of randomness and free will.

Reviews for the Book

5.0 out of 5 stars Why do events happen when they do??Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2019I really enjoyed reading this book. It presented thoughts about events that have happened in my own life and caused me to ponder how/why did they happen. As was mentioned in the book, how you respond to the events may help determine who you are. There are many responses that can be taken to a single random event, but what you do can be a result of your upbringing, or OTHER events that have happened in your life. There are a lot of "what if" scenarios that you can think about "what if I had done this instead of that?" Several stories and personal examples help tie in simple little things that may happen and may, or may not, affect who you really are. As was pointed out in the book, some random events may not have been earth shattering events, but the fact that you still think about them years and years afterward, must mean something to the person that they happened to. A very thought provoking short book that should stimulate your sense of your past, and to consider "why did this happen and how did it influence my life and my thoughts"

About the Author: Brent M. Jones

Brent M. Jones is a business executive, career development coach, consultant, and a highly sought-after author. One of the candidates Brent counseled said about him: “Brent has an incredible way of saying what you need to hear. His perspective and guidance have been massively helpful, and I am grateful for the time he’s spent with me. He has a natural sense about people, and when he shares insight, it’s layer deep and full of pearls of wisdom, I highly recommend Brent.”

Early in his career, Brent founded his own entrepreneurial sales company that provides services in 15 Western states and assisted hundreds of young entrepreneurs set up and expand lucrative enterprises based on their passion and purpose. He also helped several large enterprises optimize their business operations, strategically grow their portfolios, and maximize gains.

Brent always had a knack for writing, and the drive to share his knowledge and experience inspired him to become an author. His books educate and motivate individuals struggling with their jobs and careers in this rapidly changing economy. They help them build confidence, self-assurance, healthy decision-making skills, encourage them to believe in their potential, and teach them how to reinvent themselves as a magnet of success in all areas of life by becoming the best version of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. Since the pandemic’s beginning, Brent has assisted over 500 clients in re-evaluating their career choices and acquiring skills to help them pursue their passion through multiple stages of his own career. Working one on one assisting people in finding new jobs, he realized the importance of networking and relationships in their genuine sense. His books and website prove how deeply he connects to people’s emotional aspects. He has carefully curated detailed and real-life insights on job-seeking with actionable advice.

Brent has accumulated in-depth experience as a career development coach and consultant with a high level of technical and commercial acumen and marketing flair demonstrated through an outstanding record of achievements. He is a leader and an adaptable individual with a proven ability to perform in a multi-cultural environment. His philosophy as a professional is to embrace difficulty to improve continuously and bring order to chaos. His skills and experience have enabled him to influence executives, key decision-makers, and highly technical resources. Brent aspires to devote his time, energy, and talents to support individuals in achieving their objectives and living a successful and inspirational life. His website reflects his passion and commitment towards his clients. On each page of his website, he has posted a header with thoughts like: “Be passionate about improving; Be Passionate about helping others; Listen to your feelings.”

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