The year is 1398. Eleven-year-old Emelin Lambert is quick-witted, mouthy, and an orphan. She also has an incredible gift for illuminating manuscripts.

When her last relative is killed, Emelin must travel to Reading Abbey in search of safety when she finds herself with a manuscript belonging to Geoffrey Chaucer.

Follow her dark and wintery journey through medieval England where she encounters violent thieves, a boy named Wolf and the treacherous adult world she must face alone. Can her gift ensure her survival?
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“A true page-turner for kids”

Five Star Review on Amazon By A reader

Brilliant! The author has combined a great depth of research and passion for middle ages history with an ability to keep kids turning the page all the way to the very last. As an adult reading on behalf of kids, even I was fully taken in by the unique world the author painted. And, unlike so much fantasy literature out there for kids at the moment, this book speaks to a time and place that truly existed! A great way to get kids and teens interested in learning about the past.

About the Author

Jackie Randall’s imagination and years of research breathe life into the medieval English people who once inhabited a very real world we now think of as fantasy. If your child is brave enough to time-travel back six hundred years, you’ll want to get hold of Jackie’s first novel, Emelin.

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