61iKcyPilAL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_This book is a close look at the way we actually spend our emotions much like we do our money, and how we often make unwise, unhealthy or bad investments with them, and the impact that can have on us… Once you realise just how you are spending your Emotional Currency, you can start making wiser choices and wiser investments of your time, energy & feelings, and in so doing, can literally change your world. But more than that, this book will also present you with a challenge that can not only change your world but the world of people you come into contact with on a daily basis. This book introduces a simple, and yet incredibly powerful concept of how we can all take part in creating a better world, for the cost of just a couple of minutes every day, and let’s face it, we all have a couple of minutes to give, all we need is the will to spend it, along with focus of how to spend it to get a massive return on the investment. This mission is ‘I’m Possible’, and it’s yours should you wish to accept it… Wishing you Love, laughter & learning. Iain Merchant

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”  honestly say i have never read a book quite like this before “

Five Star Review on Amazon By janet copeman

Really made me think and realise how i do spend my emotions Seriously good and i will be downloading my currency and paying it forward. thanks

About the Author

Iain Merchant has over twenty years experience as an International Trainer, Consultant and Keynote Speaker. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the arena of enhanced communication, body language, and self-improvement, he has turned his attention to sharing his knowledge through the written word. He lives in the heartland of England, with far too many interests and hobbies for the time factor that life constricts him by. His debut book ‘Probably, The Biggest Small Book in the World!’, is a concise and powerful catalyst for personal change. He writes in such a way that he is quite simply hard to ignore and even harder to forget.

With four non-fiction titles published, and his first fiction novel well under way, Iain is planning on his future being played out with readers rather than delegates, as he wants to make a more lasting impact with those he communicates with, than is often possible in a seminar or training room.

His non-fiction books are written from personal experience rather than just knowledge, and this comes across in his ability to understand fully how to both engage with, and transfer understanding to his readers so that they can truly benefit from every page.

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