Morgan Walker doesn’t have anywhere else to turn. When her husband, Cole, fails to return home from his freelance photography job, Morgan calls on Cole’s former co-worker, Fort Lauderdale TV reporter Matt Bowens, for help. Desperate for answers, Morgan brings Matt an unopened box that she hopes might contain a clue to finding her husband. After Matt discovers the box is filled with diamonds, he questions Morgan’s honesty but is forced, nonetheless, to follow her down a trail of murder and deceit.

Rather than reporting on the story, Matt soon finds himself a part of it, forced to run from both the police and the thugs looking for him and endangering himself and everyone around him in the process.

Matt’s investigation takes him from Fort Lauderdale Beach to the fog-laden floor of the Florida Everglades in search of the clue that will help him crack the case, knowing that the story won’t be over until there is a final encounter by deadline.
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Mel Taylor continues the story of Matt Bowens”

Five Star Review on Amazon By R.H. McCort

If you have ever lived in South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale this is a story for you.

News reportor Matt Bowens continues in his role as a news reporter for the local TV station. This book centers more in the Everglades, the descriptions are pretty close to the area you maybe familiar with.

The underlining story of Matt’s girlfriend Cat and her familly continue.

Great reading.

About the Author

My latest book is Pearls. As one reviewer said, taken right from today’s headlines. I always use south Florida as my backdrop.

If you want an insight into south Florida, the Everglades, ocean views, the mixture of hot steamy streets and passions to match, along with an air of Casablanca, then my books capture it all. The palm trees and sometimes dangerous Everglades serve as a backdrop for my mystery novels. In my person life, I have been an Emmy Award winning reporter with years of experience covering the stories that grab national headlines. I bring that experience to my books.
My most recent book is called Pearls. An action thriller, set in south Florida.
I also write the deadline books, Murder by Deadline, Encounter by Deadline and Death by Deadline track the life of TV reporter Matt Bowens. Follow him as he reports on deadly encounters in the streets of south Florida and give you, the reader, an insight into TV news. My short story collection, Deep Trouble centers on three stories, all with south Florida as the key backdrop.

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