Jesus left the infant Church with a Commission to make disciples of all the nations, and a promise that the Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth and show us things to come. As the Pillar of Cloud and Fire led the Israelites to the Promised Land, so the Holy Spirit has led the Church into an unfolding revelation of Truth.
Looking back on Church history and the history of Israel in the Bible we can see that God is guiding us according to the pattern He established in Israel. This shows that the Church is soon to move into times of Victory and Glory as we follow the Cloud of the Spirit.
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“Brilliant and a must Read for all who wish to understand.”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Val Pym is an amazing woman who not only knows her Bible well but explains her End Time Insights in layman terms. She shares her knowledge wanting to assist the reader to a higher understanding to what is happening and what is still to come in the world around us today. An excellent read for the person who desires to know more about what the Bible is telling us. This is a better read than Nostradamus because it comes from God, so it is TRUE!!

About the Author

Val Pym spent the first part of her life in the south of Queensland Australia but now resides with husband Rob in the tropical north. She is the mother of four children, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Val has been studying the Scriptures for many years and believes that the key to unlocking the Bible is found in God’s dealings with Israel the pattern nation. She is totally convinced of the inspiration of the Scriptures and believes that “the Lord has yet more light and truth to break forth from His Word.” Val has always loved to read and enjoys a bit of gardening.

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