English Grammar might seem difficult. It gets easier with carefully chosen examples and comparisons. You can master English grammar through conversational exercises. They will help you with everyday life in an English environment. Method tested for many years with very good results.
This Grammar English Book offers grammar, fully explained and practiced through a variety of exercises; helps with developing and practicing vocabulary and phrasal verbs; is ideal for self-study or classroom use. There are regular consolidation units which help with the First Certificate and TOEFL examinations.
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“then this would be a really good book. As it was”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Bonnie Dale Keck

Kindle Unlimited, but I actually got a Library Thing review copy from the writer, so one of those hope you review it type things. Now on to the important parts, being the 4, which am saying that for a kindle for pc version. This means that if you have a kindle or other device of the type that lets you look to the back without actually going back and forth, so the same as holding your finger in the back of the book for index or whatever, then this would be a really good book. As it was, I use the kindle for pc, and it does not have that function, but if you had one of the other types or a physical book that would do that, it is a really nice learning or brush up tool, so in those case would think it would be more of a 5 for those users interested in this type of thing.

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