sdcdscdcdcThe infinite bliss of tranquil awareness through meditation and independence as a way of life can be yours too. Live free!

These teachings are written by Steve, the Spiritual Leader of the Terra Sanctuaria commune. These base, enlightened truths shine with their own light to help guide you on your own path of your enlightenment. Enlightenment is a gradual awakening, a dissolving of past delusions, a greater awareness and understanding of reality.

Follow these instructions and you’ll see how they help your life gradually, more and more each day. Learn how to live a better, more rewarding life.

Be spiritual but don’t forget to be physical. Reality can be good, it can be fun, it can be worth it.

Be aware of the Heisenberg principle at work as you read these teachings; the act of observing an event influences it. Don’t worry, crossing a bridge doesn’t often damage it!

This book is written purposely in an under-written style. Each word is important while superfluous words are omitted. The phrasing might be difficult to understand and the concepts testing of your world view, your belief system. It consists of a heap of small chapters like a reference manual or encyclopædia of life. It’s a guidebook to reality, instructions on how to enlightenment your mind and help improve your daily experience of life. If a chapter seems silly or confusing move on and try another. The more you read of it the more it should become readable. Get from it what you can.

We can help you change but you must wanna change. We can be a map for all those that wish to cross the water. It is yourselves that must make the crossing.

There’s only one constant in life and that’s change. Ain’t nutin’ to it but to do it!

We show you:
• How to progress along your path of enlightenment,
• How to start exercising and get a good healthy diet,
• That you are 3.6 billion years old and counting,
• How to program yourselves and reinforce positive activities,
• How to gradually distance yourselves from the madding crowd,
• How to have Tantric sex with orgasms lasting for hours,
• How to reduce negative energies in your life and free yourselves from any negative history,
• And far more…

This book is for those who dare strive for a better reality, for those who try to love life. This book is for you.

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About the Author

Born into a London, England, upper middle class family. The only child of a decade long marriage of European expatriates. His artistic, teacher mother gave him a well equipped room in her house and put food on the table. Thankfully raised without a dominant male figure in the household. His university lecturer father with a new family whom he later also abandoned. This let unrestrained self-empowerment foster and self-control build.

Thankfully he escaped the standard initiations into religion.

Being an only child he kept hisselves company and entertained hisselves. Gaining distantia from an early age.

At Elementary school age he was notably underworked. A die-hard idealist he tried activism against his own educational imprisonment by igniting the paper in the school toilets aged eight. One afternoon he was stalked on his way home by a pædophile. Soon there was a knock on the door. He went to answer it with a babysitter looking over his shoulder and the stalker quickly backed away mutely.

At Junior / High School age his asthma, the birth of the Digital Age and an inherent dislike of the aggressively competitive nature of most sports kept him inside playing with his computer, electronics kit, chemistry set, reading or likewise educational, intelligent activity. Using cannabis and alcohol irregularly since age 10 to aid survival of megopolic life. Addiction was avoided though coca sampled at age 13. Dressing in baggy, casual clothing with Nike Air exceedingly comfy sneakers. He listened a heap to illegally broadcast, pirate radio playing the new dance music of acid house, drum’n’bass, jungle, techno, trance and ambient. Predominantly designed for the recently discovered X (MDMA) drug. He was also a Bob Marley fan. He learned extra-curricular classical and modern drumming.

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