Enough “Say No to Dieting” by Joann Gallaway Turner

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Book Description

Why do you think your diet failed?  Thats’ an easy one,  because dieting is a Temporary Fix.  What happens once you complete your diet and began unhealthy eating again?  You gain all the weight back, plus extra weight you do not want. If your diet is too strict, this will only cause health problems.  The key to weight loss and keeping it off is making healthy choices and committing to a lifestyle change.  Did you know water plays an important part with your weight loss?  It’s true. You just need to know how much and when to drink it.  This book points you in the right direction to that healthy eating and making a lifestyle change.   Weight loss can happen without you always feeling like you are on a diet and starving yourself to lose weight but will gain back once you start eating.  By following my concept, you will lose the weight and keep it off without dieting if you are committed to a lifestyle change.  Good luck on your journey, you can do it!
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About the Author

Joann Turner is a 54 year old Law Enforcement Officer who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Joann has two children and a Master’s Degree in Addiction Studies. Joann has struggled with her weight for years, tried every diet you can think of, and spent thousands of dollars on fitness equipment that she never used! The weight continued to come back until a mental shift occurred. Joann discovered that she needed to make a life style change to maintain and keep the weight off. She began a healthy eating and workout regimen and realized that life begins after retirement!

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