Entangle Me – Sydney by Maggie Way

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Book Description:

A jilted girl…A bad boy…A hell of a kiss…

Lacey Ryan’s perfect life was well underway, until a betrayal blindsides her and changes everything. So the last person she expects to come to her rescue comes crashing back into her life.

Tristan Keys. Arrogant. Cocksure. Downright irresistible.

The delicious bad boy from her past offers her a fresh opportunity- first class flights, the chance to see the world, and maybe a little harmless flirtation while she’s at it.
Only there’s one glaring problem: Tristan happens to be her brother’s best friend. And he would be her new boss.

Which means he is completely off-limits. She knows it, he knows it. It’s completely forbidden. Even though she’s always followed all the rules, suddenly Lacey find herself wanting to break them all. Is he worth the risk? Or will he only break her heart—and possibly her bed springs?

**Each installment in the Entangle Me series features a dynamic romance set in a different exotic destination. There is a cliffhanger at the end of each book and each installment needs to be read in the chronological order**
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“Great beginning to a great series!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By LRC

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. This is the first book I’ve read by this author. I’ve noticed there are other books in the series and I will forewarn that this ends on a cliffhanger. That aside, I will be reading the rest in this series because this book was a fun and enjoyable book. The characters were relatable, the author’s descriptions were amazing and really helped get you into the story. Lacey is a wedding planner and at her own rehearsal dinner, she learned her fiancé had cheated on her. Because the story is written from Lacey’s POV , we experience her all thought processes as she works her way through her stages of grief and drunken consolation. She doesn’t stay miserable for long because her brother’s best friend offers her she is a wonderful business opportunity – wherein she gets to travel (see next books)! Fun story, once you get past the cheating fiancé and get to enjoy the banter between the other characters.

About the Author

Maggie Way is the USA Today Bestselling Author who hails from Sydney, Australia. She loves drinking ridiculous amounts of wine, making her own beauty products from scratch, and traveling around the world while munching on cheese and chocolate. She lives with her real-life happily ever after, while fantasizing about all her hot fictional book boyfriends on the side.

She is also mommy to a little Maltese who may or may not be named after a famous vampire lover. In case you were wondering, no, she will never ever not in a million years write a vampire hero. She prefers her men to be true-to-life even when they just live inside her brain and on the pages of her books.

She writes stories with heat, humor, and lots of heart and is more than happy to say what the rest of us are thinking, and sometimes what we’re not. Wanna connect with Maggie? Either hop the next plane to Sydney, or stop by her website at www.maggiewayauthor.com. Your move.

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Entangle Me – Sydney by Maggie Way

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