41sN9uSHSIL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Sophia Bellé moves back to New Orleans, thirteen years after the tragic death of her mother, grandmother and her two aunts. Shortly after her return, she discovers a dark family secret that her father has hidden from her over the years. Sophia gets caught up in her mothers history and her life is in great danger. How far will she go to safe her life?
All that Finley Jackson ever wanted was his freedom from Maria Butterbee, but when he meets Sophia for the first time he has to admit that he can’t let her get killed. He, his best friend Kylian and the mysterious Louanne Arceneaus start a dangerous two-sided game to safe Sophia. A life-and-death struggle begins in the gloomy and Voodoo dominated corners of the French Quarter.

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About the Author

Daniela was born in the small town Landshut, Germany. At the age of twelve she started writing short stories. First they were about characters from her favorite books but soon she started to develop her own ideas. A few years later she took a break from writing, graduated from School, spent half a year in London, moved to Berlin afterwards and studied Audio Engineering.
In Winter 2014 she re-discovered her passion for writing and the idea of Sophia Bellè evolved.
Now she finished her first book Equilibrium in an English version and a German version, as well, and the second book is already the making.

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