The author, Emeka Obiandu has, in this book EREBAMBA: The Butterfly Collection brought together his writings which span over four decades, exploring in his poems, themes ranging from the Philosophical, to Life and Living, to Love, to Faith and Politics. One striking feature of his poetry is the author’s concise diction and his use of exquisite imagery. These have endeared him to his readers over the years. Included in this collection is Emeka’s poem ‘JUSTICE AND POWER’ which won the Grand Prize in a 1997 international poetry competition. The poem examines the authentic qualities of a truly public-spirited leader and cautions against hasty approval. Emeka hopes that the poems in this book would entertain, challenge, enlighten and maybe, amuse. Erebamba is the butterfly in the author’s native Ikwerre tongue and he hopes that the book will be like the wings that delicately hold together the disparate but beautiful colours on a butterfly.