download (1)Detective Allie Krenshaw is running. She has two weeks until her transfer. With a killer on the loose, a new target gets painted on her back. When she becomes the next victim, will she survive long enough to make her escape?

Detective Marcus will do anything to find his missing partner. When he discovers one of Allie’s abductors is linked to the unsolved murders, he realizes time is of the essence. Will he find Allie before the serial killer strikes again, taking Marcus’ partner with him?

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“I loved it!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sarah Robinson

I really liked this book! It was very entertaining, I loved all the plot twists! I would highly recommend reading it!

About the Author

Rae Burton is a mystery and historical award-winning author from the Midwest. She enjoys writing historical books as well as the occasional mystery. Rae is currently working on the second installment of the Krenshaw Files as well as her first historical novel. Other than writing, some of her hobbies include reading, sewing and getting crafty.

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