Eternally Entwined

by – Audra Hershey (Author)

A Steamy Time Travel Romance

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Book Description:

The ruins of an ancient Celtic village. A brooding Medieval keep with a malevolent history. What happened here to give this beautiful countryside such an evil reputation?

Rural Ireland, Modern Day. Elena Rutherford is an Ancient Celtic culture phenom. Instead of looking forward to a summer in the Irish countryside with her research partner and fiancé, she’s dreading it – their relationship is over. And whether he is real or not, a druid has invaded her dreams – and her bed!

Hibernia, Time Unknown. Balinor is a druidic healer in Ancient Ireland whose homeland has been invaded by a legion of Romans. And if the Roman commander dies of the plague they brought, his sadistic second in command will slaughter his people!

A fall through time in the Irish countryside leads Elena back in time to her dream lover. But how can she help her true love save his people from the Roman Plague?

Reviews for the Book

Audra Hershey has written several series of steamy time travel novellas, but Eternally Entwined is her first full-length steaming hot time travel romance novel.
Elena Rutherford arrives in rural Ireland to work with her fiancé and research partner, Grant, on his somewhat interesting research find - though the malevolent Medieval keep looming across the countryside tends to be a distraction. But once Elena finds the reason why Grant has been so uncommunicative with her (he's been unfaithful with another woman), she's relieved to find herself free of him once and for all, personally and professionally.
A quick walk in the Irish countryside is warranted before her abrupt return to the States - but Elena falls through time in the middle of nowhere and finds herself being delivered to the man who has been haunting her dreams - a Druid who is in desperate need of assistance in healing the Roman legion that brought the plague with them as they planned to invade!
Elena and her true love race against time to save the Celts from disaster at the hands of the Romans - but will their time run out?

About the Author: Audra Hershey

Sexy and Steamy. Exotic and Erotic. Audra Hershey’s strong lady leads fall through time and find true love!

Audra Hershey wrote her first book at 10 and hasn’t stopped writing since. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Denver and lives in Colorado.

When she’s not writing steamy stories where lovers are parted by the depths of time, she revamps her elderly house, walks her dogs, watches the native birds and wildlife, and bikes with her husband and son.

Beyond writing the kinds of romance stories that make a grown man blush, her passions include cooking, Chinese food, and making homemade cosmetics – not necessarily in that order. She left law school to trace her family history – to colonial Massachusetts and Quaker Pennsylvania and then to Europe to find Norman knights, Vikings, and Pictish warriors scaring the Romans into building Hadrian’s wall.

She is fascinated by history – you’ll find her passion for historical research throughout her books.

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