Eve, the First (Liberated)Woman

This book is dedicated to those who are willing to imagine the lives of biblical characters far beyond what scripture tells them.

In this historical fiction story, the author weaves the modern Darwinian theory into the fabric of the biblical Genesis story of the (Garden) Valley of Eden which has its origins in the ancient Sumerian Gilgamesh epic and the Mesopotamian epic, Atrahasis.
The story takes the reader through an imaginative path from Adam and Eve’s life before the Valley of Eden, the mythical encounter in the Garden, the expelling from the Valley, their life outside the Valley raising their family and finally, the consummation of their lives.
Through the author’s proficient style of building depth in each character through their deeds, conversation and thought processes, the reader is skillfully drawn into the story; a modern day take on an old story of good and evil. (Rita Westphal)