South Australia – circa 1970s. The lush landscape of the beautiful Adelaide Hills was once the backdrop of Penny’s childhood. Gorgeous and picturesque, her home town has not changed at all since she left. Returning home with her own family, Penny is reminded of past indiscretions. Her three children have mixed feelings about the move and her youngest daughter Tildy is plagued by nightmares involving a stranger who seems desperate to relay a message.
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About the Author

Books have always been a great source of comfort to me. Escaping into someone else’s story is like a form of therapy – a way of shedding your own skin and experiencing the feeling of being another person entirely.

It is my favourite way of seeing a situation from another perspective. Reading allows us to time travel, to experience different cultures and most importantly, it teaches us about the human condition; how each and every one of us are in this together.

The next best thing to devouring another author’s work it to share stories of my own.

So thanks ever so much for taking an interest in my tales…..I hope you get as much joy from reading my stories as I have from writing them.

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