Everlasting by Ann Christine Tabaka

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Book Description:

Welcome to my third book of rhymes, poems, and musings. My first book was Overcast Mind, My life in Poems, and my second book was It Is Still Morning, A continuation of My Life in Poems. As my life changes and evolves, so does my reason for writing. What once started out as a means of survival has now grown into a passion. I write because something deep inside me calls out to me to do so. I have added some of my original sketches and illustrations again in this book. A few of them are new ones I drew this year. Once again I invite you to join along with me in a journey of fantasy, of truth, and of life events. Like real life, sometimes my poems are happy, silly, contemplative, questioning, sad, or even desperate.
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Five Star Review on Amazon by Mike I

Ann Christine Tabaka’s book is beautiful. A simple word, but the most appropriate. The poems, the writing, even the cover, are beautiful. The poetry is easy on the eyes, but powerful. Poems such as “Poems are Seasons” have such great imagery. Christine presents an unflinching look at social media in “Unreal” and again, the imagery shines. “Pain of the Goodbye” caused me to get a lump in my throat by the end. In many instances, she writes about common experiences that we as humans all live, but puts such a fine spin on the issue, for example, the poem “Disorientation.” Christine states at the beginning that poems are the stories of our lives. Her life has certainly been rich as you will discover for yourself as you turn these pages of heartfelt and insightful lines. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this most excellent read. YOU WILL EXPERIENCE EVERY EMOTION UNDER THE SUN, EXCEPT DISAPPOINTMENT.

About the Author

Ann Christine Tabaka is a 2017 Pushcart Prize in Poetry nominee. She was selected as Poet of the Month for January 2018, and interviewed by Kingdoms in the Wild.

Christine was born and lives in Delaware. She has been writing poems and rhymes since her Junior High years. She always kept a journal of her writing, but only recently was encouraged by friends to publish.

She was an Art Major in college, and retired a scientist. Now she is personal trainer, and more recently a published poet and writer.

Besides her memoir, 3 poetry books, and 2 Haiku books, her poems are published in numerous national, and international Poetry Journals, Reviews, and Anthologies.

Poetry Anthologies:
Dandelion in a Vase of Roses, The Contemporary Poets Group Anthology;
Women’s Voices Anthology; These Fragile Lilacs journal; Contemporary Women’s Poetry Anthology, Our Poetry Achieve; Down the Rabbit Hole, Creative Talents Unleased; I Have a Name Anthology, Creative Talents Unleased; Peeking Cat Anthology (UK); Destigmatized, Madness Muse Press; Bards Against Hunger Anthology;

Poetry Publications:
Indiana Voice Journal; Foxglove Journal; Duane’s PoeTree; Black Poppy Review; Outlaw Poetry (France); Inventives Magazine; Between Hangovers; Metaphor Magazine; Society of Classical Poets; Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine (UK); Poet Community; Scarlet Leaf Review; Spillwords; Halcyon Days Magazine; The Blue Nib Magazine; Taj Mahal Review (India); PPP Ezine; Ariel Chart; The Ginger Collect; Basil O’Flaherty Review; Longshot Island; The Paragon Journal; Free Lit Magazine; Hidden Constellations; Nature Writing; The Literary Hatchet, PearTree Press; Raven Cage Ezine; Now Then/Word Life (UK); Degenerate Literature; Dual Coast Magazine; Pengician (Africa); Carcinogenic Poetry; RavenPerch; Indian Periodical; MetaWorker; Two Drops of Ink; GloMag; Event Horizon; Anapest Journal; ColdNoon; Mused – BellaOnline Literary Review; Boned; The Remembered Arts; Winamop; Tuck Magazine; Leaves of Ink; Poetic Diversity; Mad Swirl; Scryptic Magazine; Dissident Voice; Communicators League; Escapism Literary Magazine; Our Poetry Achieve; Academy of the Heart and Mind; Eos – The Creative Context; Apricity Magazine; GFT Press – Ground Fresh Thursday; Peacock Journal; Piker Press; Minute Magazine; Ann Arbor Review; PQ Magazine; Down in the Dirt (Scars Publication); Academy of the Heart and Mind; With Painted Words, Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal (New Delhi),The Stray Branch; Piker Press; Triggerfish Critical Review; Foliate Oak Review.

Haiku Publications:
Haiku Journal, Failed Haiku, Sonic Boom, 50 Haiku, The Cicada’s Cry, Brass Bell Haiku,
The Zen Space, Ink Sweat & Tears Haiku, Zoomoozophone Review Haiku, Bear Creek Haiku,
Brevis Haiku, Pkankmaton, Haiku Journal, Scifaikuest, Blognostics Haiku, Stanzaic Stylings.

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Everlasting by Ann Christine Tabaka

Author has recently published the book ▸Everlasting by Ann Christine Tabaka. This book is avaiable on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.
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