After graduating high school in the early 1990s, Lonna finds herself trapped at her parents’ home in a tiny, muskrat-ridden, New Jersey town, enduring community college, cutting her split ends, and hoping for near death. All the while, an ominous black cloud and an obsessive best friend stalk her. Unlike her ex-boyfriend, she opts against a restraining order (although every second, she questions this decision). Having recently sworn off all men, Andy enters Lonna’s chemistry class and lures her in with rubber gloves, lyrics from The Smiths, and the particles of life that radiate from his being. What happens next makes it hard for her to believe that her existence is not cursed. Destiny, coincidence, or a lesson in statistics—life has a sick sense of humor.
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“Five Stars”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Elisa Brown

Funny and entertaining.

About the Author

Lonna is currently married, has three fish, three cats, three kids, and lives in an undisclosed location.

She also has multiple degrees, obtained, in multiple states, and works in a subterranean environment.

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  1. Since I am heavily featured in the memoir as “Vanessa” and there are people who may read this that know me, I want to set a few things straight. While the book is mostly well-written (minus comma errors and typos, like “citing” for “sighting”), there are factual inaccuracies. It’s Lonna’s right to change things around, but the timeline is way off in many areas. For example, we didn’t accidentally hit the goose when we went to visit Neil; we hit it when we went on an emergency road trip to visit Stacy at college. There are others, Also, to clear my name, I never had a restraining order against me as the charges were dropped, and I never kissed the guy I stupidly drunkenly went off in the car with while we were getting REM tickets. I was all set to tell his wife what he had done when she showed up in the morning, but Lonna and Dee begged me not to. Lastly, the first time we stopped speaking was her doing. This most recent time after we connected on Facebook was due to a draft of this that I read. If you recall how she wrote about me during the trip to NYC, that was basically how I was written throughout the whole entire memoir. It still reads that way, only less so harshly now. I had treasured all our capers and time together, and she made me feel like she had dreaded spending any time with me. It broke my heart.

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