Everything I Ever Wanted

by – Rick Incorvia (Author)

This is a book about trust, and it takes place in the near future.

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Book Description:

Everything I Ever Wanted is about a man who has achieved everything he ever wanted, but now, he can’t even remember his own name.

I put myself in the hot seat of this story to really challenge myself to understand dementia, since it runs unbridled in our family genes.

I spend a lot of time with dementia patients. So many brilliant and accomplished people that just no longer remember who they are.

This is a book about trust, and it takes place in the near future.

I wake up in a hospital bed, in the year 2027, my head all bandaged, and I can’t remember anything about myself.

Strangers that claim to know me, say I was in a car crash and have amnesia. But I’m pretty sure I just fell again, and my family is making up the car crash story to explain why they’ve taken my car away.

I do get to meet a wonderful cast of characters, claiming to be my siblings, my children, my grandchildren, my wife, and even a couple of ex-wives.

I’m told I’m a lucky man. I feel more like a confused child. I’m at their mercy.

Reviews for the Book

Another brain twisting work by Rick Incorvia! You are with him step by step as he recovers from a brain injury and rebuilds his memory, one step at a time, learning about himself, his life, and his relationships with friends and family.  - Dave Goodson

About the Author: Rick Incorvia

I was one of nine children growing up in the 70’s where controlled chaos was the status quo. In my family, if you didn’t create your own image you got lost in the crowd. Admittedly, I was a bit of a trouble maker and sometimes liked being lost in the crowd, or at least unaccounted for. If I wasn’t scheming a plot to get rich, I was imagining myself as 007 or an Ocean’s Eleven participant. To quote my father: “You sure can tell a whopper of a story. We should have named you MaveRick.” Since so many have found my stories entertaining thus far, I’ve decided that it’s time to share them with the world. Welcome to the deepest, darkest corners of my imagination.

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