Everything I know about medicine I learned on the wrong side of the stethoscope by Marsha Henry Goff

pcnDRU0A_400x400A practical, informative and entertaining guide to navigating health care. How and why to change doctors. How to correct inaccurate medical records. How to choose a nursing home. This book tells you things you need to know about specialists, hospitals, prescription drugs, medical tests, dental health, aging in your own home. Also hospice and end of life issues along with insurance and litigation concerns. Important information mixed with helpful anecdotal lessons the author has learned on the wrong side of the stethoscope. Appendices contain articles she has written on the subject, some humorous, some dramatic, but all factual.

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“Excellent book. There is not a person that would …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Richard L. Kline

Excellent book. There is not a person that would not benefit from reading this book!!!!!!

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