Eve Townsend is a gifted artist and architect at Colby Designs San Francisco office but she’s always felt that something was missing from her life. Because of her success, she is promoted to Manager of the Design department, but the position is located at Colby’s New York City branch. Being strong-willed and independent, Eve makes the decision to move across the country, leaving behind her friends and the life she always knew.

Everything seems to be going Eve’s way when she meets a handsome police NYPD detective, Michael McGarrett. Mike and Eve’s eyes lock and their chemistry is evident as they are instantly drawn to each other. Mike and his partner are on the hunt for suspected criminal, Lucas Coles. Eve informed the detectives that Lucas was recently fired and unfortunately had no clue to his current whereabouts.

Unexpectedly, Eve is caught in the cross-fire when Lucas returns to Colby Designs on a shooting rampage. Her career move should have been Eve’s chance of a lifetime and she never expected it to threaten her life. Will Mike locate and rescue Eve in his usual heroic fashion and will they get their happy ending?
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About the Author

Renée Y. Lewis is a born and bred New Yorker and has always been an avid fiction reader.

While working full-time, Renée began writing in the evenings and during commutes, using just about any spare time she could find. She is inspired by her diverse personal background and interests and you’ll find aspects of her personality reflected in her characters. She’s a hopeless romantic and has a passion for a good love story with a little bit of action.

When Renée is not working or writing contemporary romance novels, she enjoys, baking, drawing, running marathons, and spending time with family and friends.

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