Do you ask yourself why your prayers seem to go unanswered? Can we really find evidence of God in our life? This book helps to bridge the gap between yourself and God, and shows you how to recognize His gentle nudges. Pages are included for personal journaling, book club participation, and Bible study classes
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“A very human discussion of our spiritual experience”

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“How many times have you had something happen in your life that you have chalked up to coincidence?” Esther Luttrell asks. “Think back on at least one of those instances and ask yourself if you’re sure it wasn’t God sending an angel to answer your prayer.” In Evidence of God, Luttrell shares her own life experiences–commonplace and extraordinary, heartwarming and tragic–that demonstrate God is with us through every step of our earthly journey. Thoughtful, conversational, and easy to read, this is a book that will have the reader thinking with a new expanded awareness. A thought-provoking question at the end of each chapter will encourage reflection and response, making this a perfect read for one seeking deeper personal insight or for a study or discussion group.

About the Author

I became a writer because I have no skills. There was nothing left to do but pick up a pencil and start writing. If I had a claim to fame – which I don’t – it would be that I’ve never had a rejection slip from a publisher. Eleven published books so far. It was a fluke I landed a job at CBS and a bigger one that I was with MGM for some of the best years of my life, after writing radio and television commercials, and educational films, in the Midwest. My last screenplay was for the feature film “Te Ata” ( I doubt I will write more for the motion picture industry; I’m having too much fun turning out books – mysteries, poetry, non-fiction and children’s books – and doing public speaking. Through my publishing entity, Saratoga Classics, I pay new mystery writers a small sum and include their work in the ebook series Cheap Detective Stories. I’m living back in the Midwest now, with way too many cats.

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