David Steinberg is a young Jewish Business man who, while intoxicated, falls for the feminine wiles of a beautiful young woman. He is led into the hands of three vicious attackers, the leader of whom is a huge, bodybuilding sadist, the second a hippy type with vampire like teeth that he uses to satisfy his blood lust and the third a slightly built cross-dresser born into the wrong body.
He is driven, in the back of a van, to a quiet riverside location and subjected to a horrific and horrendously violent sexual attack, before being left for dead in a stinking culvert. Surprisingly he finds he is not alone, other bodies reside there, victims of the same three homosexuals.
After escaping his makeshift tomb, David locks himself away at home whilst he recovers from his ordeal. During this time, he sets out his plan for revenge before setting forth on his quest to send his attackers, one by one, to a bloody and violent end, each by a different method.
Enter the police in the guise of D.C.I Jake Shreiver and his partner D.C. Bill Williams, who are already on the case of the murdered men and are thrown deeper into it when the first of David’s attackers goes missing, these new killings causing them to take a different view of the possibilities.
David has recurring nightmares, his sanity starts to unravel and he discovers that he has fallen victim to a sexually transmitted disease. His decline into madness accelerates as the story progresses and the young Jewish man ends up in a siege at his home which brings the story to its violently tragic ending.
This is a high velocity and thought provoking crime thriller with a difference, elevating it considerably above the norm of this genre, containing numerous ingenious and subtle twists and turns and an unexpected and dramatic denouement.
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About the Author

Dennis Burnier-Smith was born in Manchester England in 1946. Spending most of his working life as a long distance, truck driver, he started writing when an industrial accident curtailed his driving career. His first outing as an author, written under the pseudonym of Laurie Driver, was the semi-autobiographical “This Truckin’ Life,” which gained a cult following. On the strength of this he wrote two sequels:- “The Railway Years” and “The Early Years”, thus turning the adventures of Laurie Driver into a trilogy. Then followed a biography of Thomas John Barnardo , the Victorian philanthropist and carer of orphans and waifs and strays. He wrote this as a dedication to his father who was a Barnardo’s boy in the late 1920’s. There then followed two crime thrillers:- “Evil is, as Evil Does,” and “No Account,” both featuring the detective Jake Shreiver and his partner Bill Williams. Another biography followed, “The Life & Times of Tomaso Bindotti, An Italian Foundling.” A true story of an Italian Immigrant who suffered terribly in his own country and so made his way to England where he lived in the slums of Angel Meadow in Manchester, where he led a somewhat traumatic life.
Dennis still lives in Manchester with his wife of fifty years. He has two daughters, both who have left home to build their own families.

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