51PhkkVhSiL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_While the city of Salem sleeps, a horde of satanic worshipers gather to celebrate the Witches’ Sabbath, and it’s during this festival that Satan plants his seed for upcoming destruction. The Salem Witch trials serve him well as a distraction for his chosen few to flee Salem and carry out his plan for the world. Through an Inheritance Ritual, members of his chosen coven take on the powers of each sacrificed member until only two remain. They are sealed up in a pit and await their master to call them forth to unleash his prince upon the world.
Over 300 years later, Peter Amado, who is a spiritual man and gifted paranormal investigator, has visions that lure him to do battle with the forces of darkness. The demons he faces put his life and soul in jeopardy, as well as those that assist him.
He meets a beautiful magazine photographer and agrees to help find her missing brother, only to discover the plot that was born out of historic Salem and it sets into motion the end of days. Can he thwart the perils of darkness to delay the Antichrist’s evil reign or will life as we’ve come to know it, cease to exist? The end is only just beginning.
Evil Reign takes you on a journey into the past and sets the groundwork for a diabolical future, as one tormented man comes to grips with his past and uncovers a horrifying revelation.

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“A Good Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Joseph T. Deger

Although this type of story isn’t what I would normally choose to read, it is a well written tale of good against evil. The first two chapters are chilling but once you get to chapter three it mellows and you’ll find yourself wanting to find out what happens next. There are some unexpected surprises and some unique characters. I liked Peter and the gutsy girl that shows up and I think you’ll like them too! As the author wrote on the back of the book, Satan does have power, although God has the greater!

About the Author

Kaelin C. Murphy was born and raised in Maine, her family a mixture of farmers and fishermen. She was prompted by teachers in school to consider writing as a career- though she laughed at the suggestion; she wanted to become the greatest surgeon that ever lived.

After traveling the U.S., Mexico, and visiting Paris, she began to ponder the writing life. After two years of study, she graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature, only then to realize her heart leaned toward writing for adults and the horror genre.

In the 90’s she began researching the history of Salem, Massachusetts, and its infamous witch trials. It’s from this history that EVIL REIGN was born, and continues to grow, taking on a life of its own.

She is currently working on a collection of short stories as well as the second book of the Evil Reign series.

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