Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye enters a world of extraordinary transformation when three people undergo near death experiences. Each of these individuals feel they have been touched by the hand of the Angels and go on a journey to transform their lives. Change creates confidence.
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“Sue Pighini nails it!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By D. M. Davis

If you can read Sue Pighini’s book and not be able to relate to it then you just haven’t been aware of the Angels that surround each of us and send us messages all the time. Sue has put into words that which many of us have felt so many times, that unexplained “feeling” that someone is trying to tell us something and, we better listen and follow their lead. So many times in my life I know that I have been saved from life threatening situations, bad decisions, or befriending someone who means to do me harm by my “Guardian Angels”. It’s that “inner voice” that many hear but attribute to “just a gut feeling” when in most cases it was a guardian Angel keeping us safe. Do yourself a favor, purchase the book and read it when you have plenty of time because you won’t want to put it down until you have read the last page. Then, read it again.

About the Author

Sue Pighini is a certified Transformational Life Coach, certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified Intuitive Healer and former corporate executive. Her recent book, Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye, highlights her Near Death Experience and her life-long transformation.

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