Who answers our call when we are faced with a life-threatening situation?

“Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye” helps us answer this enormously important question. Today, Sue Pighini relishes an ongoing relationship with the angelic realm that she didn’t even know existed when she was 28 years old and had a life-altering experience. She embraces this extraordinary connection to help others discover their courage for change and learn to love their own personal uniqueness.

As a young, over-stressed mother of two very young children, Sue thought she was dead when she was struck by lightning in an Arizona rainstorm. But, she was saved by the voice of an angel who told her exactly what to do to keep the lightning from reaching her heart. This was only the first of three extraordinary experiences in which she received life-saving angelic messages. Two other amazing rescues materialized when her life was threatened at gunpoint and when she was diagnosed with cancer. Sue shares not only her amazing stories but also, those of an Air Force Special Operator Pararescueman and a renown Master Herbalist/Nutritionist, also a Franciscan monk, whose stories are equally riveting and inspiring.

As the years passed, Sue searched for other ways the angels revealed themselves here on earth. She discovered Mother Nature — an extension of that divine angelic world. Sue’s connection with the equine world at age 60 has given her a special, unique bond with Skye, her mare mentor, who has taught her how to live life more fearlessly with greater joy and deeper gratitude.

We are never alone – not just when we face a crisis, are in a critical decision-making moment or on the verge of death – the angels are walking beside us every step of the way. Expect the Extraordinary offers unique guidance to the extraordinary divine connections in your life.

Sue Kipperman Pighini has been a Transformational Life Coach/Change Agent and motivational speaker for the last 20 years, helping guide her clients to reach for the soul connection in their hearts. By discovering they are so much more than they ever thought possible, life becomes an extraordinary journey of thrilling, purposeful exploration.
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“Something Different”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Carolyn A. Butler

I found out more interesting information about angels and I knew nothing about horses before reading this book. I will never look at a horse or most animals the same again. They are all a God send. I really enjoyed reading this book and the wisdom I gain from it. This is a must read for everyone at the age of eighteen and above to enjoy life. I thank Sue for sharing her experiences. There are messages in this book. This book is very well written.

About the Author

Sue Pighini is a certified Transformational Life Coach, certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified Intuitive Healer and former corporate executive. Her recent book, Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye, highlights her Near Death Experience and her life-long transformation.

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