4dxvk6HH_400x400This is a book by first-time author Jim Sherman, a researcher with the BFRO. The story begins by discussing why one might get involved in searching for something that is not supposed to exist and then describes an incident that greatly influenced his life and scared him out of the woods for years. The story then goes on to trace how he decided to face the fear head on and go on a Bigfoot expedition. Yes, there are Bigfoot expeditions. This expedition was the start of a series of strange and sometimes creepy experiences that led him to become an investigator with the BFRO, lead expeditions of his own into the woods, and come across some interesting and mostly really cool people along the way. He began to notice some patterns in possible Sasquatch behavior, amassed a collection of possible Sasquatch audio recordings, appeared on television and an expert witness, assisted with the production of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot multiple times and has been a featured speaker at numerous Sasquatch and cryptid conferences.

This book tries to open up discussion about the possibility of Sasquatch using as much science and data collection as possible. While the jury is still out on the subject, this story is at least entertaining and something different for people who are interested in what might be out there.

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Preston Sherwood

Great book only not the greatest title when my dad asked what I was reading and I told him facing the big hairy monkey thing he became concerned… For whatever reason.

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I have a book: Facing the Big Hairy Monkey-Thing (Amazon Kindle). HS teacher with beautiful wife and daughter. BFRO investigator. germanicus1@hotmail.com

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