Fairy-Tailed Wish

This book is perfect for children ages 3-8 years old. The book includes a few challenging words that will help expand a child’s vocabulary.

What happens when someone makes a wish to be Fairy-Tailed on their Birthday Eve?It’s up to Suzie and her fairies-in-training to see that the wish is granted. But when fairy dust meets toilet paper, things don’t always go as planned. Dashing up and zooming down, tying knots and winding around, a nighttime mission can quickly go wrong and wake a sleeping child. Will Suzie and her fairies escape in time before they are discovered?Looking for a perfect gift for a child? Nephew or Niece? Maybe for a little sister or brother? You came to the right place! *Connect with your child through reading and experiences. *Show your child they are special and loved with precious memories.*Create a family memories and experiences that will last through generations.I understand, because this was my experience in my childhood and I am giving this gift to my children as well. It’s amazing to see the smile on your child’s face. Especially on a birthday when everything starts shining and flashing by the special light of the holiday. That look in the eyes full of happiness and lightheartedness which you will never forget. But how do you find an ideal and interesting gift for this occasion? This book will bring you and your child to the magic world of fairies. Suzie, Lily, and Dax have an astounding story that gives some mystery that adults left behind a long time ago.About the Author:Megan Pighetti resides in Colorado with her husband and their two daughters. She wrote this charming story in hopes of bringing their family’s birthday tradition to your family. The original Birthday Fairy began back in the 1980’s and hopes to spread her love and joy to children everywhere.About the Illustrator:Tamara Piper resides in Serbia and has illustrated multiple children’s picture books. She has a background in fashion design, which is evident in Suzie, Lily, and Dax’s uniform design. Tamara has an incredible talent to convey the little details of each character. Because of her love for children, she has beautiful illustrations of fantastic stories.This book is perfect for children ages 3-8 years old. The book includes a few challenging words that will help expand a child’s vocabulary. Older children will love reading this book to themselves, and parents will cherish the bonding experience by reading this truly special book to their younger ones. Imaginative and playful, this story captures the magic of wishes and the joy of waking up on your birthday.Give them some hope and magic!If you want to discover the Fairies’ world, then scroll up and click “buy”.Help others with their buying experience by leaving a review. Thank you in advance for taking the time to do so. Reviews help customers just like you.

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