51ltzpyhAtL._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_We are all transformed by the choices we make in life.

Elizabetha is a Fairy who has it all figured out. Leaving her studies behind her, she is filling her mother’s old position as a Protector of the Peace. At just fourteen, she is the youngest to take on such a role and not many believe her ready.

Young and naïve Elizabetha believes she’ll be permitted to explore the world at her own leisure. The trouble with that is she now has more responsibilities than ever. At her coronation ceremony an Elf interrupts the festivities to ask for her aid. Now she must settle a dispute between the Elves of Santa Fin and Merfolk of the Nila River to prevent an outright war.

Elizabetha must prove herself to be a worthy replacement for her mother, Queen Claira who had a reputation as being the best. Praying her younger sisters Arabella and Kaspara will not burn down the palace in her absence she must enter a grander arena. All eyes are upon her. Her new position a true test to show whether Elizabetha will one day make a worthy Queen in the land of Fairoria.

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About the Author

J Lea Richardson a 20 something? young author and Minnesota, USA native who loves telling a good tale. Writing short stories for decades and finally taking it up a notch and sharing her stories with the world. Obsessed with faerie folk and quirky as can be. Believes in magic and living life to the fullest.

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