Faith and Purpose – Living Life to the Full, without Fear, Guilt, or Regrets by R Nelson Letshwene

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Faith is the art, the science, and the process of becoming one with your desires, and with the creator, and thus bringing them forth into the visible. Faith is a force in the universe that can make things happen. A call to have faith is a call to move energy in a new direction. Purpose is Faith with passion. This book gives you tools for the journey. Not only will you learn the process of faith, but also the tools to move the mountains of doubt. The little seed of self-doubt is the enemy of faith. Faith and Purpose are the inseparable twins of passion for success.
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About the Author

Nelson Letshwene was born in South Africa, and has lived in Zimbabwe, and currently in Botswna. He has two business degrees and has spent 8 years working for the International Churches of Christ. He wrote for the Botswana Guardian as a columnist for 11 years, and hosts two radio shows on personal finance on two different radio stations in Botswana.
He has also written for The Patriot on Sunday; Sunday Standard, and The Gazzette, as well as several other magazines including Botswana Investor.
He has written and published over 6 books in personal finance and personal development. He has spoken to thousands of audiences in Botswana and South Africa.
He is the managing director of Moedi Financial Training, which focuses on financial education and publishes books and audio visual material.
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