Family of Killers

by – Stephen W. Briggs (Author)

Memoirs of an Assassin

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Book Description:

“A captivating coming of age story about an Irish weapons trafficker.” –

David is pulled from his bed; he is seven. His father, freelancing for British intelligence, is identified while attempting to assassinate a terrorist. Now a wanted man, he must relocate his family from Northern Ireland to Canada.

David is raised in the family’s business. A business that, eliminates those that can’t keep secrets, sells weapons around the world, and hides those that need protection. As a teen David struggles with his future in the family business and his mother’s desire to have him live a customary life.

Nigel, the man that identified David’s father, entangles himself with David and his family again. Now, David is determined to meet Nigel, and utilize the skills he has developed.

As an adult, David works for governments and organizations, doing the work they cannot. He continues to refine his skills as he learns about his family’s perplexing history.

While on a large job for the IRA, Nigel is caught and imprisoned.

David patiently waits for Nigel’s release as the family business grows and David’s skills are required around the world.

Finally, David has his opportunity to meet Nigel; only one of them will walk away from the encounter satisfied.

Reviews for the Book

"A captivating coming of age story about an Irish weapons trafficker."
"It is highly recommended to readers who enjoy surprise-ending thrillers filled with tension and intrigue interspersed with some well-timed dark humor." -John Marks, author of Rail Against Injustice
"An intriguing and fast-paced dive into the life of a professional assassin, raised on the streets of Northern Ireland, to become an international killer." -Sublime Book Review
"This is a fabulous, fast-paced novel that follows the adventures of a young boy from Northern Ireland as he is slowly integrated into the family business of killers for hire." -A.J. McCarthy, award-winning author of Cold Betrayal
"Stephen W. Briggs has crafted an action-packed thriller that you won't want to put down." -Dale Ward, author of Killing the Butterfly
"Family of Killers is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover to cover. Briggs has created an engaging story not for the faint of heart." -Christy Cooper-Burnett, award-winning author of No Way Home
"Briggs does a great job taking the reader inside a family at war and a family AT war. International assassins, operating in that gray zone between good and evil, navigate twists and turns that will take you to the very heart of darkness." -Ken Harris, author of James Rockfish PI - The Pine Barrens Stratagem, and retired FBI
"Briggs brings a family, united through love and hate but bound together by blood and honor of generations shaped by a code of honor in a world most people could never understand." -Valerie Conrad, author of Blood of Like Souls
"In Family of Killers, every page is saturated with the promise of danger. From the opening scene, you'll get tangled up in a web of deceit and death." -Luke Swanson, author of Epicenter and The Other Hamlet Brother

About the Author: Stephen W. Briggs

Stephen is an Associate Director of Utilities at a university in Southern Ontario. A plumber by trade, he enjoys making sour dough bread and walks with his wife and dogs.

His one addiction is cycling, something he does regularly. He has been told that owns too many bikes, that is a matter of opinion, mainly his family’s. The longer the ride the better for Stephen. He uses the time to create new story lines, develop his characters or listen to podcasts.

Born in Northern Ireland, and raised in Canada, Stephen is married and the father of two, twenty something boys.

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