PARENTS: In Dr. Casale’s second book of a planned trilogy on parenting strategies, he continues to inspire, encourage, and inform, parents to accept their solemn responsibility as their child’s first and most important teachers and role models. And how to establish a culture of learning in their homes. No special skills are required.
The format, consisting of 40 individual essays, allows the reader to choose any essays of interest, read them in any order, and add common sense parenting strategies to their repertoire. “Is It the Gorilla’s Fault the Kid Fell into the Zoo Enclosure? “focuses on parent negligence. “Pediatricians Say Limit Electronics” will guide the reader to establish clear house rules that all must abide by. “How to Say NO and Meant It” is my eye witness account of a Westerly, RI mom in line at a local Walmart.
Enjoy, and have fun while improving your parenting skills.
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“Family Pledge is a must read for all parents!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Donna M. Carbone

Many times have I been asked to write letters of recommendation by people close to me and those on the periphery of my life. Never before have I felt so privileged to put high praise on paper. I have known Dr. James Casale as both a friend and a colleague for some time. We met a number of years ago when I helped to edit his first book, Wise Up and Be the Solution. From our very first meeting, I was impressed by Jim’s straight-forward approach to education, and his willingness to go against the grain by encouraging parents to take a pro-active stance on their children’s behalf. In Family Pledge, Jim continues to lead parents along the path to a better, more positive and successful experience during the years their children attend school. Family Pledge and Wise Up and Be the Solution should be required reading for every individual responsible for the development of young minds.

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Former Florida Teacher of the Year and National School of Excellence Principal; Purchase School, Harrison NY. BA from Providence College and Ph.D. Texas A&M.

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