61OpbxX0aQL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Three scorching hot tales in one package! Join the women of the Ladies Naughty Book Club as they transform their secret fantasies into reality.

Jasmine and her fellow book clubbers grow disgruntled that characters in spicy novels live larger than they do. They want what their latest fictional heroine got — a seriously sizzling encounter with a gang of hot, lusty men. Deciding it’s time to make their own racy daydreams come true, they form the Fantasy Guild.

Jasmine volunteers to be the test case and sets out to find the perfect players who will bring her erotic, high-stakes poker game to life. It’s a tantalizing first for Jasmine, and five hard-bodied men guarantee it’ll be a night to remember.

She’s only the beginning. Up next, Pamela seeks an afternoon of poolside delight with some smokin’ younger hired hands. Lastly, Freya turns spy and is captured by five sexy interrogators who won’t rest until they’ve tortured every single piece of intel from Freya’s helpless person.

All the ladies agree — the Fantasy Guild is off to a dazzling start!

This bundle includes a free bonus story!

Explicit language and red-hot multiple partner sex scenes suitable only for adults.
The Fantasy Guild box set includes “Jasmine Plays Her Hand,” “Pamela and the Hired Hands,” and“Freya Gets Taken in Hand.”
Approximately 60,000 words, 200 pages

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“The Fantasy Guild Excels”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mary Clark

This was an extremely sensual and enlightening box set, which I was thoroughly captivated with and it certainly inspired my imagination!! Three members of a recently formed Fantasy Guild realise their hidden, surreptitious desires with a group of pre-selected extremely attractive men, and are each given an exceptional night to remember. The experience opens their minds, their inhibitions and, to an extent, their subsequent lifestyles. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

Anwen writes daring, sensual tales for adventurous spirits. She prefers heroines who actively pursue what they want, and heroes who want to fulfill their ladies’ dreams. No wilting, helpless virgins in these stories, unless the heroine is pretending to be one for fun.

She writes sexy romance, paranormal/fantasy and erotica. She has also written a BDSM erotic romance series, “The Power to Please,” under the name Deena Ward.

When Anwen’s not tapping away on her laptop, she enjoys hiking near her home with her favorite canine companion and hanging at the local coffee shop with friends and family.

She lives in the USA

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