Fatal Redemption: First in the Sally Will series by Lou Kilzer & Mark Boyden

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61-Fa9Ax0PL._UX250_Fatal Redemption Racks up another National Literary Prize, winning IRDA 2015. Hot on the heels of winning the ‘Crime Fiction’ Category of the Beverly Hills International Book Awards and ‘General Fiction’ in the 2015 Great Northwest Book Festival, this slick Mystery Thriller is now a must read. A bestseller in Denver and currently a free ebook.

Indie Reader says “Fatal Redemption is a deftly constructed mystery thriller that keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page. Authors Kilzer and Boyden breathe life into dynamic characters and flowing dialogue. Mr. Wood’s identity, the major mystery of the story, is proven wrong several times, always ratcheting up the tension. The story is ambitious and neatly pulls it off. It combines a captivating heroine, multi-layered mysteries, and high-wire tension into a thrilling roller coaster ride. Fatal Redemption shines. Readers have to hold tight as the action races across the globe culminating in a showdown that must be read.”

“This is one of the toughest, smartest, most terrifying and well-conceived forays in the dark underworlds of two continents. Crime, intrigue, romance, passion, political shenanigans fill this superb book. Stand aside Lee Child, Tom Clancy, and Ian Fleming. Here is a new take on intrigue!” Grady Harp, top 10 Amazon reviewer.

Sally Will is a young, hyper-determined investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune who smokes black cigars, drinks too much and suffers periodic panic attacks. Based in Denver, she catches the story of a lifetime. Sally must overcome the Russian Mafia and its green-eyed assassin Katya, the Chicago mob and an elusive mystery killer to prevail.

Bruce Haring of the Great North Western Book Festival, says “ Fatal Redemption is a satisfying addition to the pantheon of great detective stories. Without spoiling the ending, heroine Sally Will ultimately finds her redemption, and we look forward to more from the author team that produced this fine debut.”

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“Wickedly Entertaining!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Priscilla Perez Vrana

From page one I was hooked by this action-packed, thriller/mystery. The story introduces several colorful characters including mobsters, politicians, government agents and of course the main character Sally Will, a smart, driven and flawed reporter.
The authors do a great job developing characters that have many layers, and I found myself rooting for the bad guys as well as the good guys, (think Tony Soprano or Dexter.)
I especially enjoyed reading the point of view of Mr. Wood, the assassin, as he contemplates his next move.
The sexy and wild scenarios played out across the international stage keep this book moving until the end. The book is a light, easy read, but still manages to ignite some contemplation about the human condition; “why be good?”
If you enjoy books about a crazy assassin trying to kill important people for hungry mobsters with a leggy, blonde reporter chasing them, AND also read hot sex scenes along the way? Then buy this book.

About the Author

Louis C. Kilzer

Son of a Wyoming rodeo operator and school principal, Lou received a BA cum laude in philosophy from Yale in 1973. He entered the newspaper business beginning in Colorado, and continued in successive positions around the United States and the world. He’s won over a dozen of the top journalism awards in the U.S., including two Pulitzer Prizes. During his career, Lou took a year off to travel through Latin America and, later, time off to write two non-fiction histories involving espionage during World War II. Lou and his wife, Liz, now live in Costa Rica where he and writing partner, Mark Boyden, continue to work on novels featuring the heroine Sally Will, a beautiful but flawed investigative journalist.

Mark Boyden

Mark is an international business consultant working in Europe, USA, South America, the Middle and Far East. He honed a passion for writing in the hallowed halls of the Denver Press Club in the mid 1990s where he met Lou Kilzer. He moved from writing articles and a regular column for Marketing Journal magazine to, with Lou, writing fiction: first a screenplay then Fatal Redemption. Mark now lives back in England, working with Lou on the sequel – and still traveling extensively, including to North America.

(Photograph by Bella West).

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