Long ago, there was a war in Heaven. It is said that when Lucifer rebelled, he was cast down to Earth. On his way down, he took a third of the angels with him, and then he began his every effort to retaliate. Since then, there were angels, The Watchers, and nephilim plaguing mankind. A certain eternal punishment in fire that is never quenched was slated for these rebels. But what if I told you that not all who fell went willingly? I was among them. Like others in my class, we were abducted and forced into human bodies during conception. Having lost all knowledge of who we were, we were born, raised, and trained to fight in Faustein’s fascist army, advancing Germania’s empire across the globe as the world’s last superpower. I woke up. I discovered who I was and defected. Read my testimony before Heaven, as I take you on an adventure through a world altogether foreign to your own, in an alternate universe where every day is lived in a dystopian nightmare, and mankind faces his final stand. This is my story. I am RaBael, and this is how I fell….
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