Feral. by J. D. Roxburgh

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Book Description

Blood and lust have ruled my life for as long as I can remember, and then she came along and turned it all upside down.

A life on the run, running from who you are, what you are means isolation but how do you cope when someone comes into your life and turns all your natural instincts inside out? When you hide a deadly secret how close can you allow anyone to get to you?

Dip into a life unlike your own, experience a life that no human, no animal has ever experienced…

Become Feral.

Feral is an erotic thriller exploring a life unlike anything you have ever experienced first hand. Become the protagonist with a deadly secret that threatens the life of everyone around. Explore the relationships you dare to have, become one with both sides of you.

When a woman comes into your world and threatens your very way of life, your primal instincts and brings chaos with her every step, can you ever trust yourself to love or will you learn from your past mistakes? How much of yourself will you reveal? How much can you ever truly know someone?

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About the Author

I am a writer, I work in all mediums. I have an MA in Creative Writing specialising in plays and screenplays.

I am currently working on my popular fanfiction stories you can find links to below.

I have just received funding by friends and fans to self publish my first novel which will be published as an ebook, you can find updates, snippets and information here

I am always looking for new challenges, new request, new commissions, and feedback are always welcome