51iHVa9JvWL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_Some women have shoe fetishes. Some have fetishes for designer handbags, jewelry or fetishes as simple as chocolate. Skyy Armfield has several materialistic fetishes of her own. At thirty-something, single, and running her own beauty salon in downtown Richmond, Virginia, this self-induced narcissist plays by her own rules and feels no regrets for the turmoil she causes with her dangerous fetish – her fetish for married men. Skyy juggles three different married men, fulfilling every need left untouched by their wives. Whether it’s physical, emotional or a combination of both, Skyy wastes no time giving these men everything they miss at home – for something in return of course. Fetish for a Blue Skyy is a contemporary, erotic, psychological thriller which takes a tragic turn after Skyy falls for a mystery man. Unbeknownst to Skyy, his identity is a façade and he has a personal vendetta out for Skyy that almost ends her life.

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“One woman’s painful & revealing road to discovery & recovery”

Five Star Review on Amazon By DGP

I was intrigued when I began the story of Skyy Armfield, and slowly became an unwilling participant in this young misguided woman’s escapades. I felt myself wishing I were a friend of hers to be able to step in & warn her about the dangerous road she was on! The author had the uncanny ability to draw the reader into this characters certain destiny from which there was no escape. Even when I wanted to, I couldn’t turn back in light of her indiscretions, but rather continued on this journey with her to see where it would lead. Closure for Skyy…at last.

About the Author

LaKesa Cox lives in a suburb of Richmond, VA with her husband and three children. Dubbed the “Countess of Urban Drama” by none other than the Queen of Hip Hop Lit, Ms. Nikki Turner, LaKesa is truly a drama queen who enjoys stirring up trouble on paper.

An avid reader of all types of books as a child, it was not until her teenage years when she read her first Jackie Collins novel that the fire in her began to flicker. Soon after, LaKesa discovered authors like Eric Jerome Dickey (her favorite author by the way) were beginning to write more and more stories about characters she could relate to. This paved the way for the firestorm that was brewing inside of her and it was then that she realized it was time for her to create some drama.
After the Storm was born and Water in My Eyes soon followed. When given the opportunity to contribute to the Nikki Turner Presents – Street Chronicles, Girls in the Game anthology, LaKesa added some spice to her pen to create Power, a story that Ebony magazine gave a a favorable review.
After the success of Girls in the Game, Nikki Turner offered LaKesa another opportunity to put her pen to work so an urban drama titled Southern Girls’ Escort Service ( a short story in Nikki Turner Presents – Street Chronicles, A Woman’s Work) was born. LaKesa’s most recent full length novel, an erotic thriller titled Fetish for a Blue Skyy, is on sale now.

LaKesa’s most recent work is her contribution to an anthology titled The Ex Chronicles published by Brown Girls Books which is scheduled for release March 8, 2016.

LaKesa Cox attended Old Dominion University and graduated from Strayer University with an Associate’s Degree in Marketing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

She is currently working on her fourth novel while seeking literary representation.

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