We wrote this with the intent of it being a dynamic process, having fun and seeing our workplace in a new way. While each of our animal personas is whimsical, there are many ideas that will help you to build better working relationships, through observation of the various animal behaviours, adaptation and application of the Tips.

We hope you have enjoyed reading and learning about the Workplace Jungle as much as we enjoyed writing about it!

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What animal behaviours can you spot in your workplace jungle?”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Walter Blackburn

This is a lovely introduction to people at work and the way they work and interrelate. I can imagine a new supervisor or team leader getting a lot of value from the fun descriptions of ‘animal behaviour’ in the workplace. There are lots of hints and tips as to what to do with/for each animal and if I were leading a team I think the biggest benefit would be to make me more aware of people’s differences, whatever they were. And it’s quick to read – I did it in about 90 minutes and I’m a slow reader!

About the Author

Dr David Avery, culture dynamics consultant, is passionate about using the stories that live in and around us to add meaning and value to human interaction and learning. Jacqui Hogan, management and leadership specialist, has been mentoring and training business owners, managers and directors to achieve their business goals through better ‘social skills’ since 2003. Ron McIntyre, proactive executive coach, works with business owners, leaders in many different organisations that need change in their style of leadership, establishing their credibility, enhancing their reputation, positioning them to create a highly engaged environment, selling more products or services, using customised leadership tools and e collaboration.

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