Flight delays and cancellations, overbookings, drunks falling off balconies, lost passports, lost minds, lost virginities. The hedonistic holidays of the young and stupid. Just Leave your brain on the plane and indulge yourself in two weeks of complete madness with Sex, sun, and sangria with wild trips and good times. And who is responsible for dealing with all this… The Group Holiday Rep. Last to bed and first up, always starting the party and leading from the front. Responsible, reliable, but usually drunk and winging it. The face of the company, the man who sorts your problems, if you can find out which room he s sleeping in. And after three days without sleep, countless airport transfers and dealing with problems, some shiny faced tourist always said… It must be great being on holiday all the time An inane smile or a punch in the face was the only possible response. If easily offended, please do not even read one page.

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“I loved it. It was very very funny”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Rose McMillan

Couldn’t put this book down once I started reading it.I loved it. It was very very funny. Great book to read by the pool on holiday!!!!

About the Author

Michael Mc Sporran is a new star on the block with his hilarious semi-autobiography of his misspent years, working as a holiday rep for an infamous young person s group. Laugh, cry and cringe as the journey recounts many misdeeds, trials, and tribulations throughout a very fraught summer season back in the mid nineteen eighties. Follow the metamorphosis as he transforms from a naïve pimpled inexperienced rep into an accomplished womanizing, smooth-talking salesman who should really be behind bars.

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