Prepare yourself for the most amazing and unforgettable story of a medical research scientist who unlocks the secret of mental illness and creates a procedure that is totally able to cure it, for the first time in history. At the same time the mental health community who you would think, would want it to succeed the most, along with the big drug companies, that also includes Congress, fighting him every step of the way, as he tries to find enough finances to keep his human experimental trial procedure from collapsing on the way to approval from the FDA. Until after some amazing circumstances allowed a fantastic country western singer and her group along with their fans pulling together to hold all the pieces in place. Not allowing a chance of a lifetime to cure mental illness slip through the cracks without first applying country music to fill the void.
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The author of “Fixing the Broken Chain of Life” is Harold Orrick, who has had a long and interesting life. Born in 1934 in Temple, Texas to the parents of sharecroppers Edgar E. Orrick and Era Olene Orrick. Born at home, into a family which already had two other sons. In the eyes of Harold’s father, he probably thought boys would be the ideal thing to have. If he continued to be a sharecropper, which is a tenant farmer, who gives a share of his crop to the landlord as rent for the land and a house, which was nothing you’d want to brag about. It was probably the ideal set up for his father to be raising crops on the farm, at the same time raising sons, to help out with those crops, along with the chores around the farm. That’s the way it was, with families living on a farm, kids never had time to get into trouble. But nothing usually works out the way one may have it planned. By the time, Harold was seven years old, several things had happened. His mom finally had what she always wanted a baby girl, her name was Carolyn, but the joy only lasted a short period of time, on the third day, she passed away. Then came spring with its storms, which hit their farm house while everyone was working in the field. All except for Harold, who was playing underneath a shade tree, until the storm came up. Someone grabbed the little one from under the shade tree, and everyone headed towards the house. While approaching the house, they felt the wind. Then watched as it took the front porch off of the house. A few years later, their pot bellied stove that set out in the middle of the room, which had a chimney going up into the attic, developed a whole, that let a spark escape, which in turn ignited the whole house with fire. They lost everything, except what his mom, and a neighbor and young Harold could drag out of the burning house. From there … They moved into the barn, where the 1 x 12’s. That form the walls of the barn had large cracks in between the boards, where you could be inside looking out at the cows, which used to be inside. Luckily Harold’s grandfather of Fort Worth, Texas was able to convince his parents to relocate to Fort Worth. To help run and managed a fairly large apartment house. Which he had acquired where the family would have their own furnished apartment. I wouldn’t think, it would have taken too much convincing, to persuade his daughter’s family to move out of the barn. The attack on Pearl Harbor, which started World War II. All these things and more had happened, by the time. Harold became seven years old. Can you believe that the burning down of a sharecropper’s farm house and losing everything, would change his family’s lives? By the time, Harold was 19 years old, several things had happened. By moving to Fort Worth had given his family a better roof over their heads, and gave Harold’s father an opportunity for a different type of occupation. Driving a truck for Armor’s Meatpacking Company, delivering meat to all the small cities in Texas. At the same time, he enlisted into the National Guard, as the war continued. By the time, Harold was 12 years of age, his parents had divorced. His father had remarried. Later, his mother also remarried. By this time, Harold had already figured out exactly what he wanted to do with his life, something he really loved. His big dream was to be an entertainer. As the years passed, Harold was constantly fine-tuning his talent from singing, too impersonations of his favorite stars, which also included comedy. He had no formal training in any of these areas, his parents had no resources to waste on this type of trivial things, and they felt like he shouldn’t be wasting his time as well, and should be spending more of his time on schoolwork. But still, Harold held onto his dreams. As Harold indicated to me recently that his parents were probably right, he should have been focusing more on his schoolwork. By the time he was in the eighth and ninth grade. He had formed an act with a good friend, by the name of Devon. They were performing all over the city, winning talent contest on local TV. Then came high school were Harold would have to make a decision. Harold’s stepfather had always been in the printing business. Through his knowledge, Harold had discovered the benefits of learning a trade, in the printing business. Not with the idea of becoming a printer, but realizing with that knowledge of a printing trade background, you would be able to find a job anywhere in the country quickly with no problem. Harold at a very young age realized that the entertainment business was very risky and very unpredictable and he knew if he found himself stranded out of work as an entertainer and short on cash. He could instantly get himself a job in the printing business. But still, never giving up on his dreams. When it came time to enter high school, Harold had a big decision to make, which high school, would be attend? Would it be the high school within walking distance of his house, where his friends would be attending or would it be a trade school across town at Trimble Technical High, better known as Tech? Realizing that college was probably out of the question. Also the fact being that Harold was never a great student. So it was clear that a trade might be the best option to pursue for Harold. Right or wrong, Tech was his final choice, majoring in Print Shop. During those three years of high school, Harold was a cheerleader in his Junior and senior year, back when they had male and female cheerleaders. During his senior year, he was able to leave school early every day, to work in a commercial printing company. Where he received a paycheck, along with his high school credits, for his normal three hour print shop class at Tech. Probably Harold’s main credit and achievement, at old Tech was in his senior year, where he met the love of his life, Carolyn Ladd. An outstanding person, with a big personality, who was voted the most friendliest girl at Tech, receiving a big write up in their local paper. Then, when the high school annuals came out, everyone discovered that Carolyn Ladd had been named as class favorite, which came with a large photo in the annual. Which also, came at no surprise to Harold, because Carolyn had been his favorite for a while. So much of a favorite, that he asked her to marry him, after graduation. There was a smile that came slowly over Harold’s face as he recalled their wedding day. He commented that it seems like it was just yesterday. But we all knew,of course,it wasn’t. It was June 18, 1954, some 60 years ago. It’s hard to believe what has happened in 60 years. With Harold’s commitment to Carolyn, at the age of 19. Both of their lives would be changed. Harold’s long time dreams had to be put on hold. To focus on bigger dreams to come. Like the one that hit Harold’s mother, when she realized that her daughter in law, would be the Carolyn, that she never had a chance to enjoy. Was this her baby girl coming back into her life? Like who could ever dream, that Carolyn and Harold would be married now over 60 years. Have three beautiful daughters, four fantastic grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Then there was Harold doing what needed to be done, continuing his training with the commercial printing company that he started out with during his senior year in high school. Learning all the production ends of the business. Then later on going into sales, which laid the foundation to creating a business plan, to form his own printing company. Then later on branching out into commercial and residential real estate, along with investments. Harold tried to focus on long term and being diversified, in his businesses. Before Harold got so involved in his business adventures, there was plenty of opportunity to fine-tune his entertainment skills. Plenty of opportunities to go on the road with several bands, but each time it always came back to that commitment that he made to Carolyn and his family to be the best husband and father that he could possibly be. Being out on the road, trying to make it as a entertainer, without any guarantee that Harold would be able to pay his bills at home, wasn’t a gamble that Harold felt like he could take, even though it may be what Harold would like to have done. But with his commitment to Carolyn, and his priorities towards his family, left him with no other option except to say, that he just needed more of a sure thing. Even though going into business for yourself, is not a sure thing, but Harold felt like he might have a little more control of his own destiny. After Harold started one business, then later on created another challenge by adding other businesses. As these businesses were created, Harold found out that being in business for yourself, was just as thrilling and exciting as being an entertainer. So in a way being in business did fulfill Harold’s earlier dreams of filling the excitement and thrill that entertaining, brought him. Harold also found one other ingredient that you would find in both being an entertainer and a business owner. It was the challenge of it all. So after retiring from the business that occupied most of his time. Harold had time to take on the challenge of writing his first novel. “Fixing the Broken Chain of Life”. As I tried here to relate how important his family was to him. This novel is fiction, but his family is closely related to the problem that this novel brings up. Along with the hope and the search for a miracle. That would cure Mental Illness. Not by putting a Band-Aid on it, by taking drugs or going to a shrink. But finding a real cure, that’s what this novel is all about. All molded together with love, romance, mystery and humor. While your imagining yourself living the life of a Country-Western Entertainer on tour. Hold on, all this may be a unforgettable ride.

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